This was another great night of varied  entertainment.  The first act being the 'Coppull Folk Ceili Band' (Ken, Colin, Maria, Christine and  Phil), who played a set of Irish dance tunes - jigs, hornpipes and polkas.  Then 'Bad Grandad' treated us to a few requested songs accompanied by his amazing guitar wizardry.   Pete Southworth finished the first half with some singalongs that enabled the audience to join in.

Gary and Vera were amazing tonight with high class entertainment, singing and playing.  Their set followed the historical theme of the emergence of English Folk Music and we learned a few unknowns along the way - like the miners also had 'blues' type tunes which Gary decided to call 'Greys'.  His delivery and humour were brilliant and this new set is surely worth seeing.  Vera's harmonies were a delight and her musicianship on the accordion and guitar was a seamless backing to Gary's powerful commanding voice.  Vera did a wonderful solo of the Irish set dance 'King of the Fairies' on an English concertina which was a delight.  This talented duo are true entertainers and deserved the very attentive audience and the respect they have earned over the years. 

Thanks to Gary and Vera  for coming and giving us such a good night and helping to keep our little festival running.  Thanks also to Ken Scalley our MC, to Kevin who works so hard with fund raising, to the Coppull Ceili Band, and loyal supporters Bad Grandad and Pete Southworth.

It was such a pity that the evening was not well supported.  However you were a fantastic audience.  

We now look forward to the Festival on 8, 9 and 10 June.