Cloudstreet and Saggy Bottom Girls make for a great night

ImageOn 10th August an event was held in the upstairs room of the Alison Arms which brought together the local and vocal Saggy Bottom Girls and the Australian self composing folksters, Cloudstreet . On quite an inclement night the event was not as well supported as had been hoped - and it was the peak of the holiday time too - but those who missed it really did lose out on a great night.

The Saggy Bottom Girls started the evening's proceedings off with songs, old and new, some written and composed by themselves. One is always aware of the sense of fun the Saggy Bottom Girls get out of their singing and tonight was no exception. Their inimitable style - for style is what they have - comes across both while they are singing and also when chatting between songs. Their introductions to songs are entertaining in their own right. So it was that a good night was started off and warmed up very agreeably for the visiting Antipodean folk group Cloudstreet.

Cloudstreet usually only has two members (Nicole Murray and John Thompson) but were accompanied by another singer/song-writer cellist - a great artist in her own right - Rebecca Wright. What a cacophony of song and sounds they made up as the night progressed. Flutes, guitar, bells, cello... all added
to the uniqueness of this Australian folk band (who will not be seen again on these shores for another two years) and the diverse folk tunes and songs they presented on this wonderful night. They seemed really thrilled with the origami Koala Bear that Sandra had made and mounted on the stage for their arrival. They took it down at the end of the night and, as far as we know, it is now residing happily with Cloudstreet in Australia. Marsupial mutterings apart... it was a great night!

It will be a while before we can see Cloudstreet again in the UK and, whilst I can thoroughly recommend you seeing their live performance, I also commend the Saggy Bottom Girls as being most entertaining and well worth a visit if they appear near you. It was a great night. A mixture of great songs, great people and a meeting/making of friends old and new.