Although the audience was not at the usual full capacity, they were distinguished, most of them performers in their own right, and they deserved the quality sets that our guests produced last night.  What a night of talent!!   Jan Hough was brilliant, so musical, so confident and highly entertaining.  This was her first time to one of our gigs and it won’t be the last.  How could anyone follow her??  Then up stepped A.D. Cooke who performed all her own songs, with feeling and just as much confidence.   What a talented lady?  She was a creditable second act who had the audience in her grasp from the word go.  There was little to choose between them - they were SUPBERB.   Both these talented ladies have the one thing that all singers need and that is clear diction.  We heard every word, which is how it should be but not always the case.  We even had a few spot guest acts from the wonderful Chonkinfeckcle.    Turnpike came on next with a completely different music genre but equally as good.  Their togetherness with musical harmonies and excellent musicianship produce a sweet, relaxing and soulful sound that grows on you as their set progresses.  We had sing-alongs, own penned tunes and friendly banter along the way – all carefully done to produce yet another excellent set.   A big thanks must go to Mervyn who did such a wonderful job on the sound and to all  the Coppull Folk who helped to organise the event.  We are indebted to all the performers and to you the audience for helping us to make the last musical evening before the festival such an artistic success.    We look forward to seeing you all at the FREE festival  from 14-16 June at the Alison Arms.