Heather Dale Gig - 20 September 2005

Thanks to Heather Dale and Ben Deschampes for a stunning evening on Tuesday 20 September. The highlights for me were the incredible Huron Carol with at least five Heathers singing - and all of them live - amazing what a bit of technology can do for a live performance in the right hands and, White Rose with recorder and flute and a huge dose of bells from both of them. The performance of White Rose in particular was so atmospheric, many performers with a million pound stage set  and high tech lighting system couldn't do better. If you missed the show you also missed Ben going back to his and roots and giving us a quick burst os Silver Machin from his Hawkwind tribute days. If the sound had been turned up they would have been cheering in Garstang.

Some of the music you missed

  • May QueenImage
  • White Rose
  • Stone Soap
  • One Of Us
  • Black Fox
  • Flowers of Bermuda
  • The Road to Santiago
  • Huron Carol

Hooked, depressed you missed the gig, visit Heather Dale to purchase CDs and find links to full tracks available free online.