Opening Evening - Folk Festival 2006

Over 100 people enjoyed scintillating voice of Joan Blackburn followed by the gritty Kieran Halpin. Packed into the awning on the side of the pub on a superb summer evening. Even the choppper motorbike managed to start up his engine with straight just after Kieran had finished the last word of a song. Thought Kieran was going to jump backwards through the wall though. At midnight the singaround was still going strong with over 30 people,  10 diehards were still going after 2am.


Joan Blackburn opened the show with a set of songs both lyrical and humorous. Judging by the audience reaction the highlight was her performance of a poem by the fondly remembered Sheila Mellor Barnes call , I think, Ladies of a Certain Age. Perhaps we had a lot of ladies of that age in the audience, certainly several seemed to have come over mildly hysterical at one point. For the first time I could see Joan's face during "Joan the Leather Queen" --- its twice as funny with all the facial expressions.

Kieran Halpin enthralled the the audience with a wide range of songs, some great one with a heavy rhythm  and many ballads as well. The highlight has to be Closing Time in Paradise, or maybe Mirror Town. No I'm being drawn in by the strong rhythm; perhaps to Nothing to Show or Singing Boots. They were all excellent, great vocals, brilliant guitar, superb entertainer.

The singaround attracted an eclectic bunch and between us we turned out some great music, Monologue and Joan were better then Shane and Kirsty in Fairytale in New York.