Saturday Afternoon - Folk Festival 2006

Someone whispered something about a football match on the telly but it didn't put a dampener on the harmony workshop with Wench All. This was followed by a stunning performance by the the three Lancashire ladies, with a brief appearance of the singers from the harmony workshop in the middle.

In the short one hour workshop Gin, Janet and Emma able assisted by Peter taught us two songs in three part harmony. After a slow start, for the first couple of minutes while we waited for the only goal of the football match to happen and everyone get bored of watching telly, it was amazing what we learnt is such a short space of time. There was some confusion when Gin tried to split us into high and low; at this point Martin seemed to have forgotten he could sing at all. By the end of the hour we sounded quite good with our two songs.


Wench All performed for us at 4pm, I think the football was over by then. As the wind tried to pull the awning out of the ground they kept singing songs about stormy weather, each time the wind got stronger. Somehow, the awning survived, mainly because they moved on to other subjects dear to the folk tradition -- loves and death. Even the Alison Up in Arms singers got a decent round of applause as we demonstrated Wench All's teaching skill with our rendition of Adieu, Sweet Nancy and the other one that have managed to forget the name of.

The afternoon finished of with a great sing-around taking over the beer garden shortly after the afternoon show finished. Cloudstreet joined the sing-around as well.