Saturday Evening - Folk Festival 2006

Despite the name, there wasn't a single one in the sky for Cloudstreet. The Australian duo opened Saturday with a stunning collection of songs presented with style and panache. Great guitar playing and superb flute complimented the phenomenal singing of both Nicole and John. The second half of the evening saw Jon Brindley, Wigan exile -- now living in Chorley, providing a performance full of energy and skill.

Cloudstreet performed an hours set full of variety, from the comedy of The Van through the the serene beauty of The Fiddleship to the almost unbelievable sound in King Willy -- how did they find out they could make the scary noise whilst singing. The audience favourite though was clearly The Wine Song ; which presents the Australian philosophy of wine, which surprise, surprise is a little different from the French one. If you have the chance to go and hear them live -- do.

The second half was given over to Jon Brindley who arrived relaxed and early, did a sound check and then went for a walk much to the annoyance of Martin who was hosting the evening and wanted to discuss timing The calm serene Jon mounted the stage and became the perspiring bundle of energy we expect when he is on stage. With his left hand flying up and down the frets Jon sounded as though he'd been joined on stage by at least two other guitar players as he pounded out driving songs and melodically interpreted others. Jon's own There was a Twinkle in his Eye is one of the best descriptions of what drives people to write songs. Jon also interprets onther people's songs with Woody Guthrie's Tom Joad stangind out from a superb performance from beginning to end.