Anthony John Clarke confirms for festival

ImageIreland born, Liverpool resident Anthony John Clarke is confirmed for the Free Folk Festival 8-10 June. The 50 year old songwriter with 41 years experience (so it says on his website) is a favourite of folk clubs throuhout the UK and abroad.

 "People don't leave the house to be bored to death. You have a responsibility to entertain and avoid being self-indulgent. I avoid being professionally Irish as much as I can. I'm from Ireland and I love Ireland but that doesn't mean I have to go on about Ireland all night. Just because I'm an Irish songwriter doesn't mean I can't love the Kinks and the Small Faces, Wes Montgomery, Coldplay, The Dixie Chicks, Christy Moore or Frances Black. I like the songs of George Formby . They were my first delight musically and I liked listening to them with my children as they were growing up"
Anthony John speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside 2005

Anthony will perform for us on Friday 8 June 2007.