George Papavgeris slated for Festival Sunday afternoon

Image Boy does this guy come with some great reviews.

"songs you feel you've known all your life, or that you wish you did" Hamish Currie, Tudor Folk

"conscience with a heart and delivery with passion" Alison Macfarlane

"The best thing to happen in UK songwriting for many a year" Harvey Andrews

"I wasn't prepared for the emotional experience of his performance. His presence was compelling" Bryn Phillips, Woodman FC Review

Come and find out the truth, afternoon session,  Sunday 10 June

Cry Free showers for the heavily perspiring and emotionally drained after Jez and George all in one afternoon.Cool

George’s stock-in-trade is quality songsmithery that everyone can relate to, rather than the more exclusive overt-confessional-soapbox mode that we often encounter. But he is not politically naïve, neither is his outlook without conscience; he just prefers lasting values to transient/parading activism, and takes genuine delight in simple pleasures.
George only began songwriting in 2001, but since then he has written 180+ songs and produced no less than six CDs of his material. As an indication of the man’s quality, his last four albums were released on Robb Johnson’s Irregular Records (For My Next Trick/Ordinary Heroes) and UNLaBELLED Records labels (Silent Majority/Life As Usual). Additionally, more than a dozen of his songs are already covered by singers like Vin Garbutt, Andy Irvine, Roy Bailey and Cloudstreet to name but a few.
As a performer, George has a unique singing style. First impressions of gentility and understatement are quickly dispelled by his trademark passion. As a writer, he is driven by a love of people with all their imperfections, conveying the various issues and concerns with a healthy integrity and a deep folk sensibility. George is clearly conversant with a variety of musical styles and song forms, and his versatility extends throughout the many facets of folk music and types of song - from seasonal to the theory and practice of war, protest, industrial, vocational, social observation, local history/nostalgia, childhood memories, maritime, philosophical anthems and story songs. Now and then he also mirrors the music and rhythms of his native Greece.
A fitting epithet for his work might well be "songs for tomorrow's tradition", for make no mistake – George’s songs are putting down roots.