Coppull Folk presents an evening with:

The wonderful  Turnpike - Traditional and modern folk/ bluegrass musicians. We’ve all enjoyed their melodic harmony and musical interludes at our Festivals and we look forward to another entertaining set.

Supported by:

Jan Hough who formerly sang with Keepers Gate and Shebeen.  Jan will give us her renditions of blues, folk, and Americana self-penned songs.

A.D. Cooke, a blues and country rock singer songwriter will complete the evening's entertainment.

Friday 19 April 2013, 8 pm

At:  UNITY CLUB, Cross St, Standish, WN6 0HQ

Admission £5


Phil 01772 432691

Kevin 01257 400650

Ken 01942 732728

All Proceeds go towards running the FREE weekend of Folk Music at the Alison Arms, Coppull, 14th, 15th, 16th  June 2013

Acts already booked:  Merry Hell, Anthony John Clarke, Steve Tilston , Rik Jones and the Wigan Ukulele  Band.    It should be a wonderful  weekend of music.  As this is our last fundraiser, we look forward to your support and hope that you in turn will enjoy our FREE Festival.

Wigan Talents

Wigan proudly showcased their musical talents at our fundraising concert last night.  What a delight to listen to the powerful renditions of Little Miss Pauline Blackburn singing her self- penned songs.   She sang each one of them with true feeling and intensity - her best performance by far.

Rik Jones stunned us with his confident delivery and musicality.  He worked the audience so that he didn’t even have to sing part of the popular songs in his repertoire.   He is such an engaging stage personality and obviously enjoyed every minute just as much as us.

Then we had Wigan’s own totally unique stage act Chonkinfeckle.    The carefully written comedy lyrics about all places and things “Wigan” were accompanied by excellent ukulele, percussion and mouth organ playing.  These two performers bravely manage to produce a set so different that they can only be classed as brilliant.  We all had a wonderful night.

Thanks to all of you who came to the concert.  Thanks also to Ken our MC, and Mervyn  our sound engineer, who both did an excellent job, and lastly thanks to the other Coppull Folk who worked in the background to help make the night such a success.

The profits from this concert go towards our "FREE" music festival 14 - 16 June, 2013.  Acts already lined up are Merry Hell, Anthony John Clarke and Rik Jones.  Keep these dates free for a wonderful weekend of music making.






Wigan's highly entertaining duo singing their compositions about life around Wigan.  They were wonderful at our festival last year.  We look forward to another brilliant set with them playing their belting tunes on the mighty ukelele,  gob iron and tea chest bass.


The talented singer songwriter who  has wowed us with her stunning voice, guitar playing and thoughtful singing, at previous concerts.






RIK JONES  A wonderful acoustic, folk and Indie singer who impressed us all with his entertaining set at the recent Crook Beer Festival.  We look forward to seeing this up and coming talent.

At:  UNITY CLUB, Cross St, Standish, WN6 0HQ

Tickets: £5.00


Phil 01772 432691

Kevin 01257 400650

Ken 01942 732728

All Proceeds go towards running the FREE weekend of Folk Music at the Alison Arms, Coppull, 14th, 15th, 16th June 2013.  Guests already booked - Merry Hell, Wigan Ukelele Band, Anthony John Clarke.

Happy New Year 2013

The sing around at the Alison Arms will recommence on Wednesday 2 January 2013, at 9pm.

Our next fundraiser concert is on February 22nd at the Unity Club Standish.  More information later.

DYNAMIC MERRY HELL!! Friday 16th November 2012

Merry Hell were electric on Friday night.  They even had the ageing rockers bopping amidst the red and black devilettes.  What a talented and dynamic group!  Their set is so slick and entertaining.  Kevin's Seesay's warm up with excellent guitar work, clever song interpretations and personal charm contributed to the vibrant mood of the night.  All of this music was cleverly controlled by Mervyn's slick sound system.  Thank you to all of you who gave us a night to remember and who helped us so generously with our fund raising for the next free festival.  Thank you also to the committee who worked hard to make the event such a success, and to you the audience for supporting us.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event in the Unity Club on 22nd February 2013.

Or perhaps you would like to  join us at our sing around every Wednesday from 9 pm, at the Alison Arms, Coppull.  You can be assured of a warm welcome and you can enjoy some of Mavis's (landlady) wonderful beer and food!




The weather was wet, cold and windy and putting up the tents was not easy.  However the wind and rain got worse and the likelihood of the tent blowing away completely was too real.  The sides of the tent were lifted to ease the pressure of the wind, but the rain blew inside the tent and wet all the chairs and tables.  Would anybody turn up on Friday??


It was still wet and windy but Phil got the big patio heater lit, the audience turned up, and the festival was delcared open.  We had two great music renditions from Mervyn and Ken and that paved the way for Bandersnatch, who wowed the crowds from the word go.  Seven of them played many instruments with consumate skill ( I counted 14 instruments on the stage!)  The great instrumental music was enhanced by wonderful singing both solo and in harmony, and the group had the "tight" sound that reflected their years together (young fiddler apart -a new and extremely talented addition to the group).  We joined  in with some chorus songs helped by songsheets provided by the group.  This involved us, and so Bandersnatch fitted in very well with our philosophy of "promoting live music for everyone".  We watched the tent poles pop out of their sockets in the blustery wind.  We watched the waterfall in waiting building up in a fold in the tent just in front of the stage.   Bill the sound engineer kept checking that the equipment was safe, and Bandersnatch played on and we sang on.  They said that if the foul weather as good enough for the Queen and didn't stop her, then it wouldn't stop us!  And it didn't.   We all enjoyed the music and songs and the wonderful performance of the group.  Thank you Bandersnatch for such a brilliant set.


The afternoon concert  opened with some wonderful performances from the Crooke Folk Club members.  They have always been supportive of the Festival and we were delighted that they could yet again support us with their varied and entertaining  music acts.  They were followed by members of the Fleetwood Folk Club, who again entertained and delighted us with their music renditions.  Catalanna, the young talented female group made an impromptu appearance and were very well received.  Thank you to both clubs and Catalanna for making the afternoon a great success.



By Saturday night, the rain had stopped and the wind had abated.  Turnpike started us off with their lovely lilting sounds of instruments and voice.  They always look relaxed and together, and we always love to listen to their lively banter and entertainment.  They were a complete delight.  Thank you Turnpike for supporting us with a delightful set.


The Jaywalkers tuned up and treated us to a spectacular evening of americana/blues/ bluegrass/folk music.  They were bright and vibrant and performed many highly complicated (and fast!!)  instrumental pieces.   This complicated but delightful music was woven into a background for Jay's wonderful singing.  Individually they are experts at the mandolin, double bass, fiddle and guitar, and their delightful  stage presence and music kept us highly entertained all night.  We were really glad that they were able to make it to our festival, and like last time at the Standish concert, we were blown away by their musicality and the vibrancy of their stage act.  Thank you Jaywalkers.


We actually had some sun on Sunday and the place  warmed up at last!!  The Open Mike Session was very well supported both by stage performers and audience, and lasted 4 hours!   There was a sense of this being the people's festival and so most of the audience got up and contributed their entertainment.  Everybody got involved  and one got the feeling that this is what folk festivals should be about - good music and entertainment, with windows for the audience to be involved.  We all then feel we have done our bit to help to make the festival a success.  Thank you to all who contributed to make the afternoon so memorable.



This act was a pure delight!  With their colourful clothes and weird instruments (including electronic ukeleles and a stylophone!), we were all blown away with their cheerful musical and poetic delivery of local encounters, done in the Wigan dialect.  The home made bass complete with a rope and colourful soapbox, complimented the miniature drum set with many extra percussion instruments attached.  Their sounds were so different, their songs/poems were so original, their delivery was so funny that they added a complete new fresh dimension to the weekend.  Thank you for a wonderful set.


Jon once again displayed his musical and singing talents ably assisted from time to time by Tony Gibbons  (ex of Garva).  This man is a group in himself.  He started off with his own songs accompanied  by some wonderful guitar virtuosos.  He then moved on to the electric piano and demonstrated that he was also an  expert at playing this instrument whilst singing.  We were then treated to some  brilliant fiddle tunes both Canadian and Irish with Tony's expert accompaniments.  At the same time, Jon's communication with the audience kept us all laughing.  We joined in when we could with Jon's original versions of well known chorus songs.  Jon is so talented and produces a sort of magic when he is performing.  He was a super act to end a wonderful festival.  Thank you Jon.


Thank you to Mavis, the Landlady of the Alison Arms who worked so hard over the weekend to keep the beverages flowing and allowing us to use the pub for the many sing arounds - especially late into the night!

Thanks to Ken Staveley and Son for the loan of the pallets and sheets for the stage, and for kindly transporting them out and back.

Particular thanks to Bill and Lesley of Westminister Stage Engineering, based in Leyland, who provided such a wonderful crystal clear sound.  Bill was consistently complimented by all the participating acts, and was right on top of the game,  responding instantly to the requests of the artists.  We recommend them highly to anyone needing any size of sound system at an affordable price.  Bill stepped in at the last minute to replace Seth, our usual sound engineer.  We wish Seth a  speedy recovery from his illness and look forward to his return to the Coppull Team.

And lastly ,thanks to the Coppull Folk Club Team, who struggled with tents in the rain, built stages, booked acts, performed at open mikes and pub singarounds, created and printed posters, organised raffles, updated web sites, cut grass for campers, cleaned camp site toilets and showers, carried chairs, contributed raffle prizes, I could go on all night. I won't list you all, but you know who you are. Without all your efforts throughout the past year, this excellent weekend of music would not have happened.  Lastly, thanks to all of you who braved the elements, to attend.  We hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did.



At Alison Arms Pub, Coppull.

Provisional line up:

Friday 8th,  Bandersnatch

Saturday 9th, Jaywalkers

Sunday 10th, John Brindley

Singarounds, Open mic session, great concerts, camping, parking, ALL FREE!

More information SOON!


  • Well Merrry Hell created "Merry Heaven" last night at the Unity Club, Standish. With their own colourful dancing entourage dressed in red and black, they set the club alight with their energetic set, laced with powerful music and songs about life's experiences. They were preceded by two excellent local singers, Peter Southworth and Pauline Blackburn, who set the scene for a most memorable music night. Thanks to all of them, to Seth whose sound system enabled it all to happen, and to Ken who almost single handed organised the event. Thanks to the committee who helped in any way to make the evening a success. We all had a wonderful time, listening to excellent live music.


This very popular folk rock group will play at the Unity Club, Standish on Friday 13 April, 2012.


Tickets £6 if purchased prior to the event.  £7 at the door on Friday 13th.

All profits to to running the "Free Weekend of Music" at the Alison Arms, Coppull,

6-8th June.

For further information contact:

Ken 01942 732728

Phil 01772 432691

Kevin 01257 400650