New Places and New Faces

Since we have moved down to The Oak Tree there have been several visitors from other clubs and our regulars. It has been great to get their support and it looks like we are back on the map as there have also been some new faces over the past two weeks. The new room has an open fire and pies are back on menu late into the evening. But what has given it all a great atmosphere has been the singing. Songs from new places sung by new faces interspersed with the regulars. Looks like we are off to a good start. To all those who have visited, thank you: please come again soon. 

The Oak Tree

We had a wonderful singaround our first Wednesday (4 March 09) at The Oak Tree. Jo and Gareth were very welcoming as we met in their ground floor function room, the roaring fire was a welcome bonus. Join us any Wednesday from 8.30, to listen or to sing, recite, play, perform as your turn comes up.

A Big Thank You to Karl and Lynne

For eight years Karl and Lynne Davies have been our hosts at the Alison Arms. Throughout they have been generous and helpful every week, providing a home for our singarounds complete with pies at the interval. Not only that but they worked hard to make our special events - ectra special. This is particularly true of the festival, building stages, providing awnings, a bar -- nothing was to much for Karl and Lynne who then worked their socks off all weekend to keep everyone supplied.

Most of we will never forget Elvis the dog and for short while his friend Priscilla or was it Colonel Parker the cat. Elvis won hearts with his love of the music of Johnny Cash and his eagerness to provide harmonised howling at the folk festival. When he wasn't howling he was usually flopped down in comfort. Good luck Elvis in your new home.

Karl and Lynne everyone at the club is so sad you've moved on from the Alison Arms and we wish you all the best in your new ventures. You've been magnificent to is, we can't thank you enough, thank you.

We are on the move

***Alison Arms Closing***

The Alison Arms is closing on Tuesday 3 March 2009. We will be having a singaround from 8.30pm on Wednesday 4 March at 

Oak Tree Inn

130 Preston Road
Coppull PR7 5ED

Just South of the junction between the A49 (Preston Road) and B5251 (Spendmore Lane) in Coppull, next to Coppull Motors Car Showroom

Alison Arms Still Open

Most likely, Lynne our current Landlord will be around until mid February, so the Wednesday night singaround is secure until then. If we can't continue at the Alison Arms after that we have an alternative venue available in Coppull.

Back on 7 January 2009

Wednesday evenings 24 December and 31 January are busy for most folks so the usual singarounds are cancelled, we will resume in the new year on Wednesday 7 January 2009, 8.30pm.

Avian night at the Alison Arms

A trend seemed to be set early in the night by John, who was visiting and helps run the Norwich Folk Club, when he sang a song that included birds. For the rest of the evening members attempted to sing a song with some bird content and about 80% managed it well. John sang a capella a song about a pigeon - The King of Rome - which really upped the ante.

It was nice to see Neil back again, a recent addition to the regulars, and everyone who braved the rather cold, windy and wet night. It was a lovely night of good singing and lots of stories some of which also celebrated Lancashire Day which falls on the 27th November.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

On a very cold, wet and windy evening we nevertheless had a great night with half the Saggy Bottom Girls in attendance and three-quarters of StringShack. Lots of old favourites sung and some new ones too to warm the night up. As the Alison Arms settles down to carry on with it's folk traditions it was nice to hear such hearty songs on such a bleak night.

Alive and Kicking

"The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated" (Mark Twain) were never more true than last evening at the Alison Arms. Indeed the Folk Club was revived, with several visitors from other local clubs showing their support, with good songs and a few too many pies! Following the pies were either apple or cherry tart with fresh cream. It was a lovely evening and far from the sad occasion it could have been without the good news. Unfortunately others of our members could not be there, because they had engagements elsewhere (which we hope went well), but it was a wonderful night of songs old and new.

Do remember that everyone is welcome at the Alison Arms Folk Club - singer or listener - and that if you hear any rumours that the pub has been shut you will be able to tell them that it is very much open again and things continue at the Folk Club as before :-)

Alison Arms - Revival Singaround

Alison Arms - The Last Revival Singaround

Celebrate 23 Years of Folk

Lets Make it Mega

Wednesday 8 October from 8pm 'til late

Everyone Welcome

Free pies in the interval, including some special celebratory ones.

Like a pheonix the Alison Arms rises from the flames, with just a few day to go the pub is saved and will stay open.