Mark Claydon goes youtube and myspace

Clearly influenced by his kids, or maybe the young people he tutors on the guitar, for whatever reason Mark now appears on both YouTube and MySpace . Follow  the links to enjoy his music. A lovely man and a fabulous guitar talent, looking forward to seeing him again at our singarounds when he gets the opportunity.

Derek Gifford visits

GiffGreat to see Derek Gifford a couple of time over the summer at our singarounds, we enjoy both his regular songs and the ones he is trying out. Visit his new website .

Festival 2008 - 5-8 June 2008

Put it in you diaries - 5-8 June 2008

Thank You --- People at the Festival

Thank you for making our festival a great success. Such a great bunch of people turned up, many staying overnight in the dusty Rugby Club car park. Thanks for supporting the artists so generously with your applause and making the concerts so enjoyable. Thanks for amazing singarounds in the pub and on the campsite. I admire the dedication and energy of those of you still singing at 6am.

You'll all be pleased to know the robin's who are nesitng slap bang in the middle of the concert area survived  the experience. We are just waiting to see whether the chick end up singing like Marie Little, Jez Lowe or George Papavgeris or one of the other great singers that gave us all such a wonderful time over the weekend.

We would love to hear your ideas for improving the festival in 2008, please feel free to comment on this pae or any other on the site, or let us know by email, telephone or letter.

Chorley FM

Image A big thank you to James Blatchley, host of Chorley FM's Folk programme on a Sunday afternoon, for inviting the Pelican Babies and the Saggy Bottom Girls on his show tosing live and help promote our festival. Visit Chorley FM for more details of the folk programme on 102.8 (within 11km of Chorley) and the internet every Sunday.

Festival Saturday kicks off with Ken Nicol

Image Ken Nicol from Steeleye Span is an exceptional musician, whether in a band or as a solo performer. As a guitarist he is one of the most skilled and exciting playing anywhere today, as a singer, he is capable of evoking a wide range of emotions in his audience; and as a song writer he demonstrates these abilities in his clever and well, crafted material. Ken is also co-host of the excellent folkcast .

Ken Nicol will be appearing solo at the Festival at 2pm Saturday 9 June 2007 

Jez Lowe gig from 2001 in the Web

Wondering what a Jez Lowe gig is like. View a 2001 concert by scrolling down to 9 January 2001 here . He is 6 years older and more experienced and probably a lot less fuzzy in real life, unless you need new spectacles of course. Sorry no Bad Pennies with him at the Alison Arms Folk Festival, he is all on his tod at 2pm Sunday 10 June 2007.