George Papavgeris slated for Festival Sunday afternoon

Image Boy does this guy come with some great reviews.

"songs you feel you've known all your life, or that you wish you did" Hamish Currie, Tudor Folk

"conscience with a heart and delivery with passion" Alison Macfarlane

"The best thing to happen in UK songwriting for many a year" Harvey Andrews

"I wasn't prepared for the emotional experience of his performance. His presence was compelling" Bryn Phillips, Woodman FC Review

Come and find out the truth, afternoon session,  Sunday 10 June

Cry Free showers for the heavily perspiring and emotionally drained after Jez and George all in one afternoon.Cool

Festival - Sunday Afternoon Lowe Point

ImageJez Lowe will open Sunday afternoon, 10 June 2007.

Jez Lowe, best known for his songs describing the mining culture, society and people of his native Northeast England, is a busy performer in high demand, with annual tours to the United States and Canada and frequent tours to Australia and New Zealand.

Born to a coal mining family with Irish roots, Jez was raised in an area close to the English/Scottish border where coal mining was the dominant occupation, and the stories and characters of the region have shaped his work for many years.

He is a remarkable song-smith using wit, warmth, sensitivity, and keen perception, to paint colourful portraits of ordinary people with ordinary lives whom may be specific to Northeast England, but through Jez's eyes and verse become universal characters.


Marie Little headlines festival Saturday night

Image ...  her upbringing in Salford ... early appearances in the folk clubs around Manchester ... crossing the hill to the North East ... raising her family ... running a pub ... taking a degree ... involvement with community arts ... arts therapy

..she has continued to develop her wide range of music.  Offerings from Marie range through contemporary songs of Industry and social significance, Music Hall, Country & pop - mostly  heartfelt  - often delivered with trademark humour  - always with her unique stamp of quality

... in her natural element in front of or amongst  an audience her songs may be sad or thought provoking one minute and have you howling with laughter the next ... along with an innate ability for working with people her warm personality and natural Northern wit add to her charm...

all this ..  combined with a tremendous talent, and a voice and guitar style suited to her range of material makes her an entertainer of the first order.

Marie will perform for us on Saturday 9 June 2007.

Anthony John Clarke confirms for festival

ImageIreland born, Liverpool resident Anthony John Clarke is confirmed for the Free Folk Festival 8-10 June. The 50 year old songwriter with 41 years experience (so it says on his website) is a favourite of folk clubs throuhout the UK and abroad.

 "People don't leave the house to be bored to death. You have a responsibility to entertain and avoid being self-indulgent. I avoid being professionally Irish as much as I can. I'm from Ireland and I love Ireland but that doesn't mean I have to go on about Ireland all night. Just because I'm an Irish songwriter doesn't mean I can't love the Kinks and the Small Faces, Wes Montgomery, Coldplay, The Dixie Chicks, Christy Moore or Frances Black. I like the songs of George Formby . They were my first delight musically and I liked listening to them with my children as they were growing up"
Anthony John speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside 2005

Anthony will perform for us on Friday 8 June 2007.

Liz Carlisle performs US National Anthem

Great to see Liz, who performed at the Alison Arms in July 2007, singing the USA national anthem in front of tens of thousands of American football fans. Check it out yourself here

Singaround -- Wednesday 27 December 2006

By popular demand. there is a singaround at the Alison Arms on Wednesday 27 December 2006, from 9pm 'til late, probably very late. Anything acoustic welcome.

Heather Dale returns to Coppull

Canadian, Heather Dale is slated to peform at Alison Arms Friday 15 September 2006, details to follow. Heather's performance at the Alison in 2005 was absolutely stunning.

Liz Carlisle

Friday 14 July 2006

8pm, £5 on the door, Wigan's acoustic guitar maestro - John Fairhurst opens for Liz Carlisle. Bring your instruments and voices for a singaround 'til late to follow.