Saturday Evening - Folk Festival 2006

Despite the name, there wasn't a single one in the sky for Cloudstreet. The Australian duo opened Saturday with a stunning collection of songs presented with style and panache. Great guitar playing and superb flute complimented the phenomenal singing of both Nicole and John. The second half of the evening saw Jon Brindley, Wigan exile -- now living in Chorley, providing a performance full of energy and skill.

Saturday Afternoon - Folk Festival 2006

Someone whispered something about a football match on the telly but it didn't put a dampener on the harmony workshop with Wench All. This was followed by a stunning performance by the the three Lancashire ladies, with a brief appearance of the singers from the harmony workshop in the middle.

Opening Evening - Folk Festival 2006

Over 100 people enjoyed scintillating voice of Joan Blackburn followed by the gritty Kieran Halpin. Packed into the awning on the side of the pub on a superb summer evening. Even the choppper motorbike managed to start up his engine with straight just after Kieran had finished the last word of a song. Thought Kieran was going to jump backwards through the wall though. At midnight the singaround was still going strong with over 30 people,  10 diehards were still going after 2am.

Heather Dale Gig - 20 September 2005

Thanks to Heather Dale and Ben Deschampes for a stunning evening on Tuesday 20 September. The highlights for me were the incredible Huron Carol with at least five Heathers singing - and all of them live - amazing what a bit of technology can do for a live performance in the right hands and, White Rose with recorder and flute and a huge dose of bells from both of them. The performance of White Rose in particular was so atmospheric, many performers with a million pound stage set  and high tech lighting system couldn't do better.