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Free Weekend of Folk Music Festival - June 2019


8 PM  The Gestures

This is a new age 4 piece Skiffle band from Wigan who rework modern and classic tunes with their own flare!  They blend musical genres from jazz, blues and folk influences with contemporary songs to create a fantastic unique sound.  They combine fabulous harmonies with their live instruements including Ukelele, Acoustic Guitar, Bass and evan a wash board.  They won the 'Wigan's got Talent Competition' in 2018 and are a band not to be missed.

9 PM   Bandersnatch

You are guaranteed a great evening in the company of the excellent 6 piece Bandersnatch.  They have a superb repertoire and brilliant musicianship delivered in a relaxed but well rehearsed format, and they have a variety of excellent singers, who deliver a wide range of styles and harmonies.  This is acoustic/electric folk group with wonderful musical arrangements.  We are proud to welcome them back.


AFTERNOON - Ken's Extravaganza

Ken Scally (with his team) is the organiser of this festival and is a folk legend.  He has a very large repertoire of songs and specialises in the songs and poetry of historical Lancashire.  He has written several books and poems which are a great read, and has been involved in many projects and plays about local life and history.  Ken can be seen performing most weeks in and around Wigan either solo, in a duo or in the 'Flyby Nights' folk group.  He has always used this part of the weekend to promote singer/songwriters.  You will see Ken performing no doubt over the weekend.


2 PM  Writers Showcase Pete Cunliffe (Vision Thing)

Pete is the leading member of the very successful 5 piece band 'Vision Thing'. who have just been voted the 'Best Rising Stars Group' 2019 by  He is a prolific song writer as evidenced by his many CD'S, and has written inspiring poems as well.  He feels that lyrics and the ambience of the music is more important than being famous or making money.  We look forward to welcoming Pete back and hearing Pete sing some of his classics like 'Silver Darlings' and his new songs.


2.30 PM   Writers Showcase Copperfaced Jack (Al and Sharon Reid)

Copperfaced Jack are a new husband and wife duo from Wigan who play original songs.   Alan and Sharon have won many friends with their powerful vocals and solid guitar work.  They did a wonderful set at one of our Fundraiser concerts where they wowed the audience.  So you are in for another treat.


3 PM  "Beyond the Seas".   (Transportation to Australia) by Lawrence Hoy.

                     Performed by Lawrence Hoy and the Wigan Music Ensemble

Lawrence Hoy is another Wigan Stalwart who has been on the folk scene either as a solo performer or in a group for many years.  This set follows the path of emigrants to Australia and the trials and tribulations they endured.  He is an avid storyteller with an amazing voice and will be ably assisted by many of his Wigan pals.  He has got a CD about his story and it will be interesting to see it enacted on the stage


8 PM   Cobalt Tales

Pat and Nuala deliver powerful vocals complimented by engaging harmonies and melodic acoustic guitars, bass guitar, clarinet and whistles.  We look forward to their set.


9 PM    Nidd

Nidd is the gathering of 3 innovative talented young musicians from the North West of England, whose influences range from folk to jazz and funk.  They met at the National Youth Folk Ensemble and formed this unique band in 2017.  Kerran Cotterell - guitar and vocalist, Owen Spafford - fiddle.  Ellen McGovern - Flute and Uilleann Pipes.   Their sound is unique and all three are instrument virtuosos.  you can be assured of a lively  foot tapping set.






2 - 4 PM  Open Mic

This is when many of our talented audience get a go to perform on the stage.  It is a very popular afternoon and usually each guest is limited to 2 songs so everybody can have a go.  Ken will put you on his running order list just before the concert.


8 PM  Pauline Blackburn

Pauline wrote her first song when she was 10.  Little Miss P is a talented singer-songwriter and has strong roots in the North West Folk scene.  She has a soulful voice and sings from the heart and we look forward to a highly entertaining set.


9  PM  Jon Brindley

Jon is a popular legend.  He sings and plays guitar, piano, fiddle and accordion, and has explored music through many forms, blues, contemporary folk, country, rock, popular songs and more.  This quote from Jon sums him up. 

"My songs can take you to places that people might not always notice and after the feeling that brings the creation of a song, I want to recreate the atmosphere and spark of that moment .... Rhythm is a natural, primitive communication and I listen within for the steady solid beat to get through to you!"

"As I walk towards many horizons, spreading a smile and an honest message of hope is what I live for".

So we expect the unexpected and will surely enjoy a brilliant finale to our little Festival 2019.





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