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Free Weekend of Folk Music Festival - June 2020



Copperfaced Jack - Alan and Sharon Reid

We welcome back this husband and wife duo who come from Wigan.  Alan is a prolific song writer - many of his powerful songs are centered around his own life experiences.  These songs are delivered with energy and pathos by both Alan and Sharon.  They have a strong stage presence with their powerful voices, and clever guitar work from Al.

The Pelican Babies

Lee Nixon and Mark Connell are making a welcome return to the folk scene after a few years absence.  They are an acoustic duo performing mainly original material encompassing folk/pop/blues, with clever catchy voice, harmonica and guitar harmonies.  Hopefully they will bring their didgeridoo and demonstrate their mastery of this amazing instrument.

Rare Ould Times Band

Lawrence Hoy (vocals and guitar), Steve Higgins (vocals guitar and banjo) and Tim Marris  fiddle)  always deliver a lively set of self penned songs and Irish sing alongs.  They are sure to get you all singing and foot tapping on Friday night.  


Guitar Workshop

Bad Grandad's (Dave Gaskell) is an avid supporter of our club and festival.  He has provided the sound for our fund raiser festivals and has done a wonderful job.   He has a fantastic mastery of the guitar as demonstrated in his version of the 'Sultans of Swing'. 

Afternoon Showcase

Young Performers Showcase The Wigan Open Mic Group.  Ken always likes to give a spot to the younger musicians as they are the future of our music.  We look forward to a set from Andy Beveridge, Damo, Michael Kenny, Ian Knight and Sarah Hardman.

The March of Peterloo - written by Ken Scally and Lawrence Hoy.  This is a combination of music, poetry and drama depicting this time in history 101 years ago, when Calvary charged into a crowd of at least 60,000 who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.  18 people died.  It will be performed by The Wigan Music Ensemble (Ken Scally, Lawrence Hoy, Tim Marris,  Bernard Cromarty, John Pearson, Sheila Hinds, Steve Higgins, Dave Gaskell, Lish Kay Murray, Jon Peet).


Mail Train - Terry Bailey (guitar, banjo and vocals), Peter Moore (guitar and amazing vocals), Francis Moore (bass guitar) and Jan Hough (percussion, ukulele and mandolin and seasoned all round entertainer) are an innovative group.  Together these experienced musicians make a great sound varying the tempo and tone with combined instruments and voice.  Terry and Jan are both prolific song writers.  

Dandelion Train - Steve Higgins (vocals, banjo, and guitar), Gerry Kennedy (guitar and mouth organ) and Sue Kennedy (vocals, flute and percussion) - have been making their mark on the folk scene over the past year.  Look out for their musical virtuosity from the haunting flute to the amazing guitar work, to the mouth organ with fast reels, as well as fabulous vocals from Sue and Steve.  

The Gestures - are a skiffle band  of 4 young entertainers who play a washboard, acoustic guitars and ukulele.  They sing well known singalongs as well as current popular songs, with great harmonies.  They opened our festival last year and we immediately warmed to them and joined in with clapping and singing as their vitality and good humour was infectious.  We had to have them back!



Evening Concert

Bad Grandad - alias Dave Gaskell is a whiz on guitar and is a seasoned entertainer.  He sings his own compositions, and comical (bearing on risque) and topical renditions of unusual songs.  He has a very wide repertoire and will not disappoint.

Kim and Wayne - are a talented duo who specialise in folk, jazz and blues music.  Kim has an awesome  voice which is complimented by Wayne's clever harmonies and guitar accompaniment.  

The Andrea Cooke Band - Singer/songwriter/performer/voice coach Andrea,  writes and sings songs about life, love and happy times, with a bit of humour and cynicism thrown in for good measure.  These are available on her two albums 'Northern Girl' and 'Flying'.  She plays the Ukele and guitar and has a powerful voice and will be ably backed by her band.  She will guarantee and lively finale to our Festival 2020.