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Dave Gibb , Heather Dale , His Worship and the Pig , Houghton Weavers , Pete Morton , String Shack

Left handed, balding, middle-aged, songwriting folky from Scotland's highest village. ImageDave Gibb Hails from the village of Wanlockhead in Dumfries and Galloway Dave can occasionally be seen zipping up and down the M74/M6 (always within the speed limit of course) spreading the word to anyone who cares to listen.  

Dave who? you may well ask.........Well  -  armed with a style of guitar playing that is best described as being as distinctive as it is effective, a voice that can carry traditional and contemporary songs and a songwriting ability that produces songs ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous he has now pretty much established himself as a regular performer throughout the acoustic/folk club, festival and concert scene.

Having realised that he was never going to be the new Tony Iommi (of Black Sabbath fame) Dave drew his early inspiration as a guitarist from such 'heroes' as Paul Simon, Tom Paxton, Richard Thompson, Bert Jansch anyone else who plays acoustic guitar and continues to pick up influences from more contemporary players.

His playing has evolved into a sound and style that is all his own. Bluesy, folky, jazzy or straightforward headdownandbuggerthesubtlety fingerpicking styles are all in evidence.

And as for the songs......Lyrically Dave's songwriting is rooted firmly in the traditions and history of Scotland and its people. Musically he draws on both traditional and contemporary sources, especially the finger picking styles of the heroes (see above).

The not too serious songs reflect his somewhat cynical view of the world and its inhabitants. As a result his songs have titles as diverse as 'The Leaving' (about the highland clearances) and 'Mentally Degoolified' (about the neutering of his cat) and subjects that range from the death of John the Baptist (Caravaggio's eyes) to what life must have been like as a chamber pot emptier living on the Yangtze River (Better Life Next Time).

He is serious about the music but likes a giggle. To hear some of Dave's songs visit his myspace page

ImageHeather Dale offers a new type of Celtic music for the 21st century: a playful, passionate blend of tradition and innovation.

Heather cheerfully discards the stereotypical limits for both folk singer-songwriters and Celtic balladeers -- why not explore new ways of bringing traditional songs to life? Particularly known for her interpretations of ancient legends, she finds suprisingly modern themes within old and often overlooked material; her music “is powerful stuff... with a depth and resonance rooted in its mythic sources" (Vancouver Sun), and is reminiscent of Sandy Denny, Steeleye Span and Loreena McKennitt. Heather’s voice is rich and clearly influenced by Celtic traditions, blues, jazz and folk. "Heather's songs express something that honors tradition, but in keeping with the best of traditions they break new ground." (WDVR 91.9 FM, USA)

Heather plays a wide variety of folk instruments, including piano, bodhran drum, mountain & hammered dulcimers, bowed psaltery, recorders and tin whistles. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Heather discovered an early passion for Celtic mythology, European folktales, King Arthur stories and Native American legends... which led her first into fairy tales and fantasy books, and later into medieval literature. But rather than following an academic path in either music or history, Heather chose to indulge her third love: environmental education.

While pursuing a multi-disciplinary degree at the University of Waterloo, Heather began singing at the local student centre and for history clubs in the area. "There were no microphones, no fancy stages," Heather recalls. "Just me, the audience, and the music." Heather still promotes historical and environmental education by speaking at schools, universities and literary conventions. Her first solo concert came in 1997; she now tours full-time with fellow multi-instrumentalist Ben Deschamps (guitar, double bass, Irish flute, violin, percussion). Ben grew up working on a dairy farm in the Ottawa Valley, before turning his steps toward a music career in England -- playing with acts ranging from bluegrass to psychedelic space rock. With several academic degrees in literature and Classics, he has a deep familiarity with several European folk traditions.

The newest addition to Heather's band is Heike Jurzik (violin, bouzouki, percussion); Heike is based in Cologne, Germany.


His Worship and the Pig
Dave Boulton : (Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Bodhran, Shakey Egg, Rubber Glove - don't ask!)
Jeff Parton : (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Concertina, Whistle)

ImageHis Worship and The Pig is a name which has become more and more prominent on the folk festival and club scene over the past few years. Otherwise known as Dave Boulton and Jeff Parton, this funny and entertaining duo have gained a reputation in the North-West which is gradually spreading across the country.

Their attraction lies in their original songs, in which Dave’s pointed and often hilarious lyrics are effectively set off by Jeff’s memorable and highly singable tunes. The quality of the songs, combined with Dave’s comic presentation and Jeff’s multi-instrumental talents, has won them a growing army of enthusiastic fans.

Although Dave and Jeff have become best known for being funny, their set also contains serious and reflective songs, many of which are being taken up by other singers.

Dave and Jeff both come from Stoke-on-Trent and have been active on the folk scene for nearly thirty years. They became firm friends while singing in the five-man acapella group Muggins Fancy, and went on to write together while members of the ceilidh band Cornfield Perambulation, for whom Jeff is still resident caller.

Houghton Weavers were formed in 1975, The Houghton Weavers made their television debut in the BBC's talent show "We'll Call You". So successful were they that, within a couple of months they were given their own show "Sit Thi Deawn" which continued for six series over seven years and had the highest viewing figures for any regional T.V. programme.

ImageAs well as their own show the Weavers have appeared on many other national TV programmes for both BBC and ITV including "Jim'll Fix It", "This Is Your Life" and "The Video Entertainers".

Six series on Radio 2 led the Weavers to appear with such notable artistes as Cannon & Ball, Ken Dodd, Rick Wakeman, Mike Harding, Billy Connolly, Phil Cool, Jasper Carrott, Norman Wisdom, Mick Miller and Stan Boardman amongst many others.

They have starred in six pantomimes at top theatres in the North West, five of them as top of the bill.

An album deal with EMI found the Weavers recording at the famous Abbey Road Studios and now over 24 albums bear their name, many of which have been re-released and are still major sellers, Their perennial favourite "The Blackpool Belle" was a number 1 hit in Tasmania and a number 3 hit in New Zealand.

Their Fan Club consists of over 2,000 members ranging in age from three months to 100 years and stretches as far afield as the USA, Canada, Bahrain, Belgium, Australia and Germany.

The Houghton Weavers guarantee a wonderful evening of song and humour. Their experience in the business together with their style and professionalism ensures that, as their motto says, they will always "KEEP FOLK SMILING"



ImageFolk singer Pete Morton is a songwriter and performer from Nottingham, England with a wealth of great songs and stage presence. His show is dynamic and intense as well as approachable and fun loving. He seriously believes there are 'Six billion eccentrics' in the world and that particular song is fast becoming a signature tune for people everywhere. Starting out as a busker on the streets of Europe he has entertained all over the globe with his unique and involving style of songwriting and traditional singing. Pete sings from the heart, delivering songs that tell compelling stories and speak of the human condition from a very unique perspective. With a passionate, strong voice and strident guitar style, traditional songs often rub shoulders with Pete's current writing with remarkable ease. His songs are an unruly mix of humour, politics, love and social comment, wrapping their way around the folk tradition. Pete has recorded five solo albums of original material and a project  album of traditional songs entitled 'Trespass'. His CD 'Hunting the heart' was a mojo folk album of the year in 2000. His more recent releases, 'Swarthmoor' and 'Flying an Unknown Flag' have received rave reviews. For more information or to listne to some of his work visit Pete's web site 

So come along and hear Pete Morton. His songs and performances are a joy.