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Free Weekend of Folk Music Festival - June 2023

Coppull Free Folk Festival 2023

Line up 


8-9 pm  Jan Hough supported by Ken Scally

Jan has played in many line ups and recently with Mail Train.   She has been a festival stalwart for several years, and deserves this opening slot.  She has written many songs and has a fine voice.  Jan sings with passion and has that friendly patter that engages audiences and encourages them to sing along.  Her bodhran playing  is particularly good and she also uses guitar and ukelele accompaniment.   She will be joined by Ken Scally and you can be assured of a great original set.


Ken Scally

KEN SCALLY—Events Organiser -  This is Ken’s fourth year of getting the Artists for the fundraisers and festivals.  He is an all round entertainer and, author of plays, poems, books and songs, focusing on life in Lancashire in the olden days.  He has worked hard at getting this fantastic line-up for our Festival and you will see him on stage with Jan Hough on Friday and in ‘The Brunnin of Howfen Mill’ on Saturday.


9.15 - 11 pm  Tim Hilton

Tim is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and as well a his own songs, sings many songs of Irish origin.  He can play lively up tempo numbers followed by slow thoughtful songs with ease. He too will get the audience joining in and we look forward to seeing him. 






KEN'S Lancashire Extravaganza AFTERNOON SHOWCASE

1 pm  Welcome from Ken Scally

1.05 pm Acoustic Dukebox


Dave Cavey and Jeff Darbyshire are members of  the LankyKats who meet at the Unity Club, Standish.  This acoustic duo will treat you to some 1960’s, contemporary folk and country rock music to ease you into Saturday afternoon’s varied lineup.


1.45 pm  The Bear O'Sheas



Luke Geraghty and Joe Thompson play popular Irish Traditional songs and will be sure to get your feet tapping and get you singing along to their lively set, singing in harmony erand playing  banjo and guitar.



2.30 - 4.14 pm  The Brunnin of Howfen Mill -

written by Ken Scally and Lawrence Hoy.


2.30 - 4.15 pm The Brunnin of Howfen Mill

THE BRUNNIN OF HOWFEN MILL  written by Ken Scally and Lawrence Hoy, is a combination of music, poetry and drama depicting a time during the Peninsular war.  The mechanisation of industry was increased to feed that war and new technologies were introduced to increase output.  The Trades Guilds were hampering this and it would need a state of emergency to remove their power.  The government introduced a combination of laws to stop workers organising rebellion.  The new mill machines were causing unrest and job losses in the cottage industries.  The workers took up arms and the Luddites were born.  The Westhoughton Mill installed power looms and the mill  was attacked and burned.  Five rioters were hung, nine were transported to Botany Bay.  This is their story.

 THE WIGAN FOLK AND WORD ENSEMBLE—Ken Scally, Lawrence Hoy, Tim Marris, Bernard Cromarty, John Pearson, Sheila Hinds, Steve Higgins, Dave Gaskell, Jan Hough, John Pearson.

This will be an epic presentation.

8-9 pm Dandelion train


DANDELION TRAIN - are a  very talented 3 piece group, and play a mixture of Irish songs, traditional Irish music, and original compositions.   Gerry Kennedy is a whiz on the guitar and is comfortable playing fast jigs and hornpipes as well as guitar accompaniment.  Sue Kennedy masters the flute and whistle with ease and has  beautiful haunting  vocals.   Steve Higgins (banjo, guitar and vocals) adds depth to this group with his amazing voice and instrumental playing.  Together they produce a totally original and relaxing sound, with interesting variations.  They are a class act.

9.15 - 10.45 pm VISION THING


This 5 piece group will produce harmonious and beautiful thoughtful songs and music.  Many of their songs are their own compositions.  Pete Cunliffe (Vocals/acoustic guitar)  is a prolific songwriter.  Cherlene (Shelly) Walmsley  (Vocals), has a powerful and distinctive voice.  David Windsor (Violin)  plays a 100 year old violin through a variety of effects producing "a tone and texture to die for".   Paul Cunliffe plays keyboard, guitar and harmonium.  Martin Wilson plays bass guitar.  They have 3 CD’s to their credit so far and have won several awards.   They are a joy to listen to with their haunting and original music






2 - 4.15 pm  Mega Open Mic'


7.45 - 8.45  Hazy Jane


Celia Ketchell and Rosie Clegg, solo artists in their own right, have formed the group Hazy Jane.  Celia has attended our Festival for many years and has contributed greatly to our music sessions in the Alison.  She writes and sings entertaining songs and plays the electric piano and guitar.  Rosie sings and plays folk, bluegrass and Americana and plays guitar, banjo in the Appalachian style. Together they will make a great sound.  We look forward to their set.



9.00 - 10.45pm  Jon Brindley 


Jon is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar, piano, piano accordion and fiddle with ease, both as solo instruments and song accompaniments.  He  is at home playing blues, folk, county, rock, pop and is an all round entertainer.  He is truly talented and says that ‘spreading a smile and an honest message of hope is what I live for’.  He will do that and leave us all with a smile as we watch the last great act of such a wonderful line up of music at our 2023 Festival.



Sessions in the bar Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

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